Tiffany  & Taylor Diamond

Perth’s magic BBW bi-twin double team

The Ultimate Threesome Fantasy Experience…


We met at a pizza shop back in 2013. We were both in miserable relationships, and secretly wanted each other. 


It took some time but fate finally brought us together. 


At first only Tiffany was working (back then she was known as Belle) and Taylor was just the body guard. But eventually we realised that we actually had alot to offer as a couple (not to mention the MANY requests) so we started offering doubles. 


It wasn't long before Tiffany decided she wouldn't be offering single bookings anymore. And I mean like, a couple days, a week tops and we knew that doubles is all we wanted to do. 


It's been a few years now, and Tiffany has swapped from working to management to retiring;

to advertising and working on and off the whole time. Part of that process saw us start offering singles again. And I am sad to say that they have become the norm now. It's such a shame so we have decided to start promoting the doubles again in a big way. They are our favourite after all. Tiffany won't be offering single bookings at this time.


We like to think that we are different from other working ladies. More down-to-earth and easy-going. HAPPY for a start, because we genuinely enjoy our job. We're always smiling and joking and sassing each other with naughty cheeky remarks. It's truly a fantastic dynamic and our aim for every booking is for you to float down the drive to your car and fly home.  

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Vital Stats


Age: 29

Birthday: March 17th (St Pats day!)

Height: 176cm

Weight: 100kg

Dress size: 16DD

Panties size: 18

Shoe size: 9 (heels only please! the higher the better)


Very dominant to both men and women


Favourite Position: The train

Favourite activity: Blowjobs (I could suck a golf ball through a garden hose and if you can tell me what movie that's from I'll give you $50 off your booking)


Favourite booking: 5hrs lunch/ballet/dinner/desert


Favourite gift: Anything with sparkles. Please no chocolate!



Vital Stats


Age: 30

Birthday: March 19th

Height: 170cm

Weight: 120kg

Dress size: 24FF

Panties size: 24

Shoe size: 9 (no heels! wedges MAYBE)


Dominant to men and most women; but can switch with Tiffany. 


Favourite Position: Doggie

Favourite activity: Handjobs


Favourite booking: 15mins quickie


Favourite gift: Gaming stuff (I REALLY need a PS4 coz Tiffany was a bitch and bought me the game for Valentines with no console :-(