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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can we have sex outside?

We cannot do public places. It is illegal for vanilla couples, and for us too. Kissing, touching, holding hands, all of the above are fine in public places.


However, our Armadale residence has an excellent outdoor area that can simulate a public booking. Lots of people ask "But what if the neighbours catch us?" Our answer: "What are they doing looking over our fence?"


Can you do the blow job and/or sex without a condom?

No, natural services are illegal in WA.


You could also catch any number of diseases - We're pretty sure you don't want cold sores on your dick! Covered is safest - especially when you have sex for a living! We are tested every 12 weeks anyway, just in case and encourage all sexually active people to do the same. Community health is everyone's responsibility and I hope that safe sex becomes important to everyone.


Do you do outcalls? Can you come to me?

Yes. If you're a new client you'll need a small deposit. Our regulars don't need one. We reserve the right to check the house or hotel room when we arrive, and will need a min to call our security once we know everything is all good. 


How about a discount? 

Yes we do have some special offers, you can check them out on the special offers page HERE 



Are you submissive?



Is it a private home?

Yes.  Click here for more info about our locations.


Is there parking?

Yes. You can park in the driveway. It's more discreet.

Do I have to bring anything?

No. We have everything we need here including condoms, lube, massage oils and toys. 

You are welcome to bring your own toys/lingerie/heels/anything else if you prefer


I am over 50 is that ok?

Yes of course. We don't mind meeting with older gentlemen. They are generally better groomed, more polite, respectful and attentive lovers.


I am black is that ok?

Yes of course. We do not discriminate based on age, race or nationality, colour, religion, or any other reason. As long as you are a gentleman we will get along fine. 


I'm turning 18 soon can I get a booking?

No, you must be over 18 to engage adult services. If you look under 25 we may ask for photo ID. You can block all your details including your name, all we need to see is your photo (to make sure it's you) and your date of birth (to verify your age). 


Can we meet in the car?



Do you do trades?

No. We accept gifts but do not offer services in exchange for goods or drugs. Smoking and drinking at our place is fine but please remember you have to drive, or get a taxi. At Carlisle we can smoke inside, in Armadale it's outside only.



Is there anything you won't do?


We don't offer anal play (unless it's on you) and we don't offer natural services, for your safety and ours.