Tiffany  & Taylor Diamond

Perth’s magic BBW bi-twin double team

The Ultimate Threesome Fantasy Experience…

As I'm sure you can imagine, after 5 years in the industry we have a ridiculous amount of photos we've taken. 


Taylor was always shy with shoots at first, unsure of herself and her body. But despite common misconception sex work actually makes you feel awesome about yourself. Having clients constantly telling you how beautiful you are. And making regulars who just want to come back for more and more...


We like to have fun in our shoots. You'll notice that we are usually goofing around and playing. Thats the kind of energy we like to bring to our bookings and we hope it shows in our photos. 


For those of you who are still skeptical (we know there's apparently some fake ads going around lately) please feel free to check out both our individual sites, and profiles. Our pictures have been verified by ScarletBlue, Escorts and babes, Top escort babes, and anywhere else we could find that offers it!


gallery/xmas shoot title td 2018

For those of you who have been following our career, here is a small selection of the pics we most often use on ads, so you can be sure you've got the right ladies. We have also been known over the years as Skye and Bonnie Bloo, Ruby and Rose, or Audrey Clarke and Taylor Diamond.