Tiffany  & Taylor Diamond

Perth’s magic BBW bi-twin double team

The Ultimate Threesome Fantasy Experience…

so what can we do?

While we prefer not to make a list of what we offer like some kind of menu, we understand that there are some questions that you need answered before you can feel confident booking us. 


The first thing that everyone wants to know is if we play with each other. The answer to that is a resounding YES! We've been a couple for 6 years, that kind of intimacy cant be bought, borrowed or copied. We know each other so well that we can give each other earth shattering orgasms in just a few minutes. We also have alot of shared memories, inside jokes, cheeky innuendos and sass to the max. 


While traditionally our bookings have been shorter (1 hour or less) we are now looking to providing longer services, with more personal connection, and public outings; weather that be a nice lunch or dinner, a trip around the art gallery or something more adrenalin fuelled like jet skiing or rock climbing. 


Don't get us wrong, we still enjoy the fun of a short booking, and will still be offering these. We have alot of regulars who love this service too and we wouldn't want to let them down. 


To give you an idea of how open minded we are, heres a short list of what you might expect in a booking with us:


- Meet at the front door in sexy lingerie (we try and make it matching, Tiffany is ALWAYS in heels...)

- Shower for three - sensual massage with or without oils - DOUBLE BLOW JOB (and might I say we are quite good at this after so much practice) - Sex with both ladies


I might note here that as we are partners in real life we do not use protection with each other, so that means we can share better, and you can swap from one lady to the other without having to stop to change condoms. Many clients have commented this is the best and sexiest thing about our service, something that other girls don't offer.


We also offer a multitude of extras like but not limited to:

- Kissing, passionate tongue french kissing - cuddles and touching - boobie play, nipple play and sucking, spanish - MSOG a.k.a. multiple shots on goal (means you can cum more than once, as many as you can actually, our record is 5 times in an hour, with a regular client of ours, I don't know if that's cheating ;-) 


We are also open to other more kinky things like but not limited to:

- Spanking - deep throat - hair pulling - Domination (on YOU, we are both dominant. sorry)

- Golden showers - pegging - sissification - Sex school - Roleplay


Taylor has done MANY step-mum and squashing type bookings and Tiffany LOVES foot and boot/shoe worship. I would say these would probably be our favourite kinks, but after 6 years in the industry you start to understand that people are just people. And we are all different. If I can make someone's dream a reality, that's honestly the best feeling. 


If there is something that you'd like to try that you don't see listed here PLEASE dont be afraid to contact us. We will never kink shame you. If we know someone who can help you instead we will refer you. This happens alot with people who are after Scat play bookings, we have no problems with other people doing it but it's not for us. And that's OK too. 


Our rates are NOT NEGOTIABLE, but they include everything we offer (it's a pretty good deal, just saying)



15 mins - $170

30 mins half hour - $270

1 hour - $500

2 hours - $800

4 hours - $1500

8 hours - $2500

12 hours - $3500

24 hours - $6000


We have also recently set up online payments with Beemit that has allowed us to offer additional services like sexting and video chat/skype. If you're interested please get in touch. 


- Filming Available

- Online Services Available

- Custom Vids available

- OnlyFans subscription only $9.99AUD/Month 

- Premium SnapChat with daily posts only $2.50AUD/Wk

- Beemit Available for instant anonymous deposits




Please note that no matter which service you choose we don't offer anal or natural services/bbbj. 

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