Tiffany  & Taylor Diamond

Perth’s magic BBW bi-twin double team

The Ultimate Threesome Fantasy Experience…

**Special Offers and discounts**


Happy Hour

We love to start the day with a bang. So as an incentive for people to book our first time slot in the mornings we're offering $50 off every booking made for 9am weekdays.


Pensioner Discount

Low-income earners deserve love too. If you’re a single parent, veteran or have a disability, and can show your pension card we will offer you $50 off your booking, anytime, anyday.


Birthday boys (or girls!)

Bring in your valid Photo ID with your birthdate (drivers licence or 18+card), on your birthday and get $50 off.


Couples and group bookings

Bring a friend and get 50% off your own rates 

e.g. you book an hour for $500.

But then decide to bring a friend or partner.

Now you pay only $250,

and your friend pays $500,

Total booking cost only $750






FREE Bookings

After no less than 7 people in a row cancelled their free labour exchange bookings ON THE DAY we have decided to remove this option permanently. I mean it's so rude I just cant even.


One guy even just txt and said it was too hot and he cant be bothered. Yeah well I cleared my entire schedule today to give you time to earn your booking for free. Not to mention that the gardening still needed to be done and now I have to go out in the heat and do it instead #ASSHOLE


A couple of guys would have been ok. But ALL 7? Sorry dudes. We're out.